H3110 Series 1D Laser Rugged Barcode Scanner

SA H3110 Series is 1d single-line laser barcode scanner, which this series include H3110 and H3110-AI.These hand-held,single-line laser scanners deliver quality barcode scanning and offer aggressive scanningof all standard 1D bar codes.

These barcode scanners have a longer working range and a wider scan field than a typical CCD. The width of the scan line grows as the scanner moves further away from bar codes. It provides the user with a high quality laser line for bar code detection.

Unlike other value-priced solutions that sacrifice usability features, H3110 Series provides an ergonomic user-preferred finger trigger design and an optional hand-free stand for comfortable and intuitive use.

Moreover, SA H3110-AI has the patented automatic infrared activation technology. which comes with a stand for automatic scanning. When user put the scanner on stand, the automatic scanning will be activated.

Its IP rate housing design can also provide excellent performance for a wide variety of applications, such as logistics, warehousing, retail, government, distribution centers, manufacturing, field service, direct to store delivery, healthcare, laboratory, etc.

  • Automatic Scanning:Use scanner as either a hand-held device or a fixed presentation scanner when mounted in the stand.
  • User-Friendly Design: Pistol-style with index finger trigger ensuring operator comfort and ease of use.
  • Reliable: The durability of 100% solid state technology and a 1-year warranty.
  • Rugged Housing: IP 54 housing design can make the scanner to work on heavy duty.
  • Ease of Connectivity: Common interfaces are integrated to ensure fast and easy connection to your host or PC.
  • Intuitive Aiming Line: Thin, crisp aiming line for ease-of use in scanning bar coded menus and densely populated documents.
  • Intuitive User Feedback: Programmable options for application, beeper settings, etc.
  • Others: 32bits high speed decoder for fast decoding

H3110 Series 1D Laser Rugged Barcode Scanner Specification Download 5/18/2018 PDF 294 KB
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