Project Description

F7300-H723 Omni-Direction Platform Barcode Scanner

SA F7300-H723 is 2D CMOS platform barcode scanner, this scanner delivers the quality barcode scanning and offer aggressive scanning of all standard 1D and 2D bar codes.

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This hands-free, vertical mini-slot image scanner can increases productivity with an unmatched feature set that aggressively scans barcodes from any angle. It can decodes all of 1d and 2d stardard barcode.

With its modern window design and powerful imaging capabilities, it can easily match existing cash registers for use in high-traffic retail cashier environments.

It quickly read all kinds of glossy surface and special surface bar code, but also can read infusion bags, plastic packaging drugs and other difficult to read bar code.

This scanner can connect with Desktop computer or POS terminal via USB or RS232.

Suitable for retail, manufacturing, medical and logistics industries.

F7300-H723 Omni-Direction Platform Barcode Scanner

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