Swiftautoid brand is registered in 2016 in China. As the leading automatic data capture solution provider in China, Swiftautoid can provide various solutions, such as handheld barcode scanning, mini pocket barcode scanner, mobile computer, industrial tablet, mobile printer, etc.

Swiftautoid brand is originated from Swift Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd, which is established in 2010 and located in Xianggang (Hong Kong) of China. Throughout our more than 9 years development, Swiftautoid expand our market from China to the world. Swiftautoid establish various of business relationship with 3 965 clients from 76 countries. Except of the standard products in these industries, Swiftautoid also cooperate for the customized products, ODM/OEM each other to deepen our relationship.

In 2017, Swift Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd and Swiftautoid brand are  merged into Anvento Co., Ltd. Swiftautoid will get more powerful investment for research and development and Swiftautoid will go on to provide more high quality products and service.