H1000 1D Laser Handheld Barcode Scanner

SWIFTAUTOID H1000 is 1D laser handheld barcode scanner, it uses the new technology to scan more longer distance and more faster scanning speed. This scanner is very cheap, the retail price is about US$20.00, you can contact our sales for discount. Its features as below:

  • Ergonomic, snappy, and stylish, easy to hold.
  • 300,000 pixels, minimum resolution: 4 mils.
  • Supports free switch between handheld & auto-detection mode.
  • Accurate identification of universal 1D  barcode.
  • Extraordinary DM, Datamatrix, Maxicode decoding ability.
  • Works with all operating systems, Microsoft Windows/Linux/Android/iOS/MacOS.

SWIFTAUTOID H1000 is a high-performance, cost-effective 1D laser handheld barcode scanner designed to deliver exceptional scanning efficiency at an affordable price point. With a retail value of approximately $20.00, this device combines advanced technology and user-friendly ergonomics to meet diverse scanning needs in various environments.

Ergonomic Design and Durability

Boasting an ergonomic build, the H1000 offers a comfortable grip that makes prolonged use effortless. It sports a snappy and stylish design, ensuring ease of handling and reducing user fatigue during extended periods of operation.

Handheld Barcode Scanner
Handheld Barcode Scanner

Advanced Scanning Capabilities

Equipped with a powerful 300,000-pixel sensor, the scanner provides a minimum resolution of 4 mils, allowing it to read even the smallest and most intricate 1D barcodes with precision. Its enhanced capability extends to extraordinary decoding abilities, particularly for DM (Data Matrix), MaxiCode, and universal 1D barcodes.

Versatile Operating Modes

SWIFTAUTOID H1000 grants users flexibility by supporting a free switch between handheld and auto-detection modes. This dual functionality caters to both manual scanning and hands-free operations, streamlining workflows across different sectors and applications.

Handheld Barcode Scanner
Handheld Barcode Scanner

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with a broad range of operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and MacOS, the H1000 handheld barcode scanner seamlessly integrates into any existing system or setup without the need for additional software or hardware adjustments.

Extended Distance Scanning

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, this scanner enables users to scan barcodes from a longer distance compared to traditional models. This feature significantly boosts productivity and convenience in large-scale inventories or checkout processes where items may not always be within close reach.

Handheld Barcode Scanner
Handheld Barcode Scanner

Fast Scanning Speed

With its rapid scanning speed, the H1000 quickly captures and decodes barcodes, eliminating delays and minimizing errors in high-volume scanning tasks. The quick response time ensures smooth and efficient data processing in busy environments like warehouses, supermarkets, or logistics centers.

SWIFTAUTOID H1000 1D Laser Handheld Barcode Scanner stands out as a versatile, high-speed, and budget-friendly solution that excels in performance and compatibility. Its robust features such as ergonomic design, extended scanning distance, fast speed, and multi-mode functionality make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient barcode scanning capabilities across multiple platforms. By focusing on user comfort and operational versatility while maintaining affordability, the H1000 reinforces its status as a top-tier handheld barcode scanner option.