R100 High Quality Automatic Label Rewinder

Swiftautoid R100 A series rewinder automates label printing and rewinding, removing staff effort. It simplifies tedious manual tasks, eases worker strain, speeds up production, and safeguards label quality. By cutting labor needs, improving efficiency, and enhancing the company’s image, it’s a go-to helper for marking staff and a reliable partner for business owners.

  • Double baffle design: label rewind is flat and neat;
  • Tension skid automatic speed: rewind speed always keep pace with the printer rewind( do not worry about the printer speed to print faster or slow);
  • Super-heavy load rewind: the body and the recovery of metal shaft, the moter torque to 4KG/F.CM;
  • Three kinds of paper core arbitrary switch: 1-inch core(25.4mm), 1.5-inch core(38.1mm), 3-inch core(76.2mm);
  • Apply for various brands of bar code printers to use.

The R100 High-Quality Automatic Label Rewinder by Swiftautoid is specifically designed for supermarkets to streamline barcode sticker label processing, enhancing productivity and ensuring top-notch label quality. This machine efficiently automates the rewind process post-printing, saving time, labor, and maintaining cleanliness.

Efficient Automation

The R100 Automatic Label Rewinder eradicates the need for manual rewinding, allowing supermarket staff to focus on other tasks. It keeps pace automatically with any printer’s speed, eliminating concerns over mismatched speeds and potential label damage.

Label Rewinder
Label Rewinder

Precision Rewinding

With a double baffle design, labels are rewound evenly and tidily, ensuring professional-grade presentation and reducing waste due to misaligned stickers.

Robust Construction & Performance

Built for super-heavy loads, this machine boasts a sturdy metal shaft and a powerful motor delivering a torque of 4KG/F.CM. This guarantees stable operation even during continuous high-volume rewinding.

Label Rewinder
Label Rewinder

 Flexible Core Compatibility

The R100 accommodates three different paper core sizes—1-inch (25.4mm), 1.5-inch (38.1mm), and 3-inch (76.2mm)—making it versatile and compatible with various barcode printers in the market.

Seamless Printer Integration

The tension skid automatic speed control ensures that the rewinder adjusts its speed dynamically to match the printer’s output, guaranteeing seamless integration into any existing labeling workflow.

Label Rewinder
Label Rewinder

Enhanced Efficiency & Cost Savings

By minimizing human intervention, the R100 significantly reduces labor strain and costs while boosting overall production efficiency. It also safeguards against label degradation from dust or foot traffic.

Swiftautoid R100 Automatic Label Rewinder is an indispensable tool for supermarkets seeking to optimize their barcode labeling processes. Its advanced features, adaptability to different printer models, and consistent performance make it a reliable choice for businesses aiming to upgrade their operations and maintain a polished image. By investing in this efficient solution, supermarket owners can elevate staff productivity, cut labor expenses, and ensure superior quality barcode labels every time.